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A Match Made in Chicago


Over the past year we have seen our city embrace a new urban transportation system, Divvy bikeshare. It has become one of the most popular ways to get around the city on two wheels, members racking up over 5 million miles. The bikes in the Divvy system are ready to handle whatever this city can throw at them (almost). It has an easy riding geometry, simple internal gearing and brakes, built-in lighting, a basic rack, full fenders, and the chain doesn’t threaten to dirty your clean pants. The system has thousands of bikes docked throughout the city, designed to hop from station to station and then be on your way.

We designed the Legacy Rambler bicycle with the same principles in mind. A comfortable, clean and low maintenance ride that is ready whenever you are. A straight-forward way to get around the city and have fun while doing it. Our bikes share many of the same features, including:

• All-weather brakes
• Built in generator lighting
• Full fenders
• The grease-free and low maintenance Gates Carbon Drive belt system replaced the dirty chain.

Our system though, puts individuality and flexibility into your hands – you get to customize your bike to your personality and riding style and you can lock it where/whenever you would like and take it home with you at the end of the day.

We had the privilege to show off this comparison at the CHGO DSGN exhibit, now at the Chicago Cultural Center, by featuring the Rambler and Divvy bicycles back to back. The bicycles are hung with custom Legacy-made mounts on either side of a partition wall – you can get a sense of the similarities, and the differences between the bikes by standing back and looking at this mirror image.

We encourage you to check them out at the free exhibit, featuring other great local designers and makers, through November 2.



Both the Divvy bike and the Rambler (this one is the step through) include upright posture, Generator lighting, all-weather brakes, fenders and rack.



We take a different approach to clean riding. The Rambler’s belt drive make it low maintenance, ultra quiet and smooth.


We made both mounting systems for this show. The Divvy version is more robust and secured to the wall. You may be seeing the Rambler version available for your home.

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