Legacy Frameworks

Quality Handbuilt Bicycles, Pure and Simple.

Practical Bicycle Manufacturing in Chicago – Creating a Better Bicycle Riding Experience for City Commuters.

Building on the growing movement of local handmade goods, and Chicago’s broad manufacturing history, Legacy Frameworks <http://legacyframeworks.com> has committed to creating a better bicycle riding experience for any city rider. Legacy not only designs and builds better bicycles for the urban commuter, but supports initiatives and communities that make Chicago a better place to ride.

Independently founded in 2011 in the Bridgeport neighborhood, Legacy Frameworks started with its design and manufacturing goals firmly set on building a high-quality bicycle for the urban rider at an affordable price. In the past year and a half Legacy has stayed true to these goals throughout the extensive design process, from basic material choices to customizing the final experience and style. The resulting Legacy bicycles are comfortable, versatile, durable, low maintenance and most of all, fun to ride.

Legacy Frameworks’s founder, Levi Borreson, considers supporting a broad and diverse bicycling community to be both a personal and professional goal. He is expanding perceptions of the role bicycles can play in business by supporting innovation in bicycle related ventures and technologies. He encourages people to look at bicycles both recreationally and as a form of transportation.

Legacy Frameworks has expanded this season’s offerings to include a new frame configuration as well as a new frame design. The new Model 2 configuration debuted at the 2013 North American Handmade Bicycle Show <http://2013.handmadebicycleshow.com> in Denver. Along with being easier to set up and maintain, this model includes modifications to allow the use of the Gate Carbon Belt Drive <http://www.gatescarbondrive.com>: a grease free, durable and silent alternative to a chain.

The new step-through frame design <http://goo.gl/8KCXr>, available for all models, provides both aesthetic flare and functional qualities, including ease of getting on and off the bike and accommodating a wide range of rider clothing. Generator hub powered front and rear lighting and fully enclosed hub based brakes are new options that add to the safety and convenience of all models.

On the road ahead, Legacy Frameworks will continue to explore ways to get more people riding bicycles in the city. These explorations will include bikes for riders in a broader range of ages and heights, and continued support for bicycle initiatives. And finally, by continuing to develop cargo oriented bicycles <http://goo.gl/R9i9Q>, Legacy Frameworks is blazing a path toward more responsible transportation possibilities.