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Heartland Velo Show

I took a weekend bus trip up to Madison, WI for the first annual Heartland Velo Show. A couple fellow builders, whom I share a shop space with, had booths along with many other builders from around the Midwest, along with component and clothing producers. Turnout, I hear, was good overall, but not overwhelming. The talks I sat in on where full of interested folk, the brazing demos by Doug Fattic gathered crowds, the builders themselves were always talking to inquiring attendees and the vintage bike exhibit were drooled over by plenty.

Madison is a great town for biking, from the multitude of bike lanes and bike paths to the city-wide bike rental program. Both of these I had the pleasure of using to get around the city, visiting local eateries for lunch and dinner and getting from the venue to the bus stop.

While I gained much incite and made some valuable connections – my goal is to be in this show next year, wherever it may be, and start being part of this great community.

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