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Roundup: Bike Camp Fashion



A few weekends ago, we went on a bike camp trip where we (Levi, our friend Ian, and myself, Erin) packed up our bike trailers, and biked 40 miles on the prairie trail to our campsite, then headed back the next day. You may remember seeing our photos #lfBikeCamp. I don’t like to buy ”bike-specific” or sporty looking clothing and wore a skirt on this trip. This is my roundup of current favorite biking basics we also wore on the trip and on shorter bike trips to the grocery store.

Apparel & Bags

1. The PoCampo’s Maxwell Hip Pouch (Fanny Pack, but with a way cooler name and design) is a great biking bag to carry the basics (phone, debit cards, & keys) on you. I wear it around my waste or across my chest. The bags are designed in Chicago.

2. Chrome Merino Pasha Hoodie is so cozy that I never want to take off. It’s a merino fleece hoodie made with biking in mind, but doesn’t look sporty. It’s a little longer in back and has thumbholes. Men’s version

3. Winter Cycling hat by Kozie Prery fits really well under a bike helmet and have both a Men’s and Women’s version. The hat covers your ears and back of your neck and the flap flips up. It’s made of recycled men’s shirts and the top is lined with jersey while the earflaps have fleece. It’s the perfect balance. The hats are made in Chicago.

4. Appalatch tall socks are adorable and really comfortable. I just discovered this outdoor apparel company based in North Carolina. They use rambouillet wool and manufacture their apparel in the USA.  They also have wool shirts and are softer and loftier than Icebreakers. Men’s version

5. Merino Wool base layer is key. It’s comfortable because it helps regulate your body temp and if you’re sweaty, it dries fast and doesn’t smell. The merino wool basics work well for biking, look nice enough and add a little extra warmth in a chilly office, and because of their anti-bacterial properties you can wear a few times without washing. I like Icebreaker because of their nice fitting shirts and transparency. Men’s version

6. North St Bags pannier is a bag that fits nicely on the side of the back bike rack. I use it regularly for groceries and pleasantly surprised with the amount stuff that fits in it. The bag has been updated since we’ve purchased it. These bags are made in Portland.

There’s a lot of merino wool here which looks like I’m ready for the approaching Chicago winter (I’m *not* ready). I find a light weight, loose fitting merino shirt is also comfortable to wear biking in the summer. Admittedly, I don’t list skirts here after I just rave about them. I feel like these basics make the ride more comfortable, after a great bike, of course.

What’s your favorite fashion forward, bike friendly clothing item?


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