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Hub Generator Wheel Building & Lighting Class


At Legacy Frameworks, we include hub generators and lighting on many of our bikes and want to share this great technology through a wheel building class. Hub generators are a fantastic way to build in extra safety and convenience into your bike riding experience – with front and rear lights fixed to your bike that are powdered by rolling down the road, and never need batteries.

Join us for a one-day, hands-on hub generator wheel building class, you’ll build a new front wheel and install lights and wiring on the bike you bring to class. Learn practical techniques including:

  • An Introduction to Generator Lighting
  • Building a New Front Wheel: Lacing and Truing
  • Light Mounting and Wire Routing on your bike

Date: 10am–5pm(ish) any day of the week, Signup deadline 2 weeks prior to date agreed upon by all participants.

Location: Legacy Frameworks studio in the Bubbly Dynamics Building (1048 w 37th street)

Class Cost: $260 per person, includes components, instruction and lunch


Supplied component includes:

  • Sanyo 6V Generator Hub (non-disc brake)
  • Busch & Muller LED Headlight and Taillight
  • 14 gauge stainless spokes and brass nipples
  • Weiniman double wall rim (26″ or 700c Sizes, 19 or 24mm widths)
  • New Cloth Rim Strip


Optional Accessories: 

Tire Package: $80

  • Pair of Schwalbe Road Plus PunctureGuard tires (26″ x 1.75 or 700c x 28, 32, or 35)
  • Pair of new Schwalbe tubes

Additional upgrades will be quoted separately

  • Disc Brake Hubs
  • Brighter Lights for non-urban environments
  • Device Charging Gizmos
  • Premium components, inc. Rims and Hubs


Limitations include:

  • 26″ or 700c Wheels Lacing and Truing on a 32 or 36 spoke, 2 or 3 cross pattern, Symmetrical laced wheel
  • Light Mounting locations include either Rack, Calliper, V-Brake or Cantilever Mounts in Front and Fender, Rack or Seatstay Mounts in rear


Class will take place in the Bubbly Dynamics building (1048 w 37th street). We will start at 10:00 am and break for lunch at 1:00 pm (lunch provided). We will start back up after lunch and continue until about 5:00 pm. Prior knowledge of wheel building or bike maintenance is not required.

We will have spots for up to 4 students, and be accepting a minimum of 2 to schedule a class. Email levi@legacyframeworks.com with questions and a survey will be sent to determine what component and mounting options will be needed, and if they fit within the class parameters.

I have chosen the components to built a very strong and durable wheel, with quality lights that are recommended for visibility in an urban environment. Upgrades to these components can be made within reason, such as stronger lights and alternate rims, Legacy will quote on a case by case basis. Supplying your own components is not encouraged as all parts will be checked, sized and ordered to work together.

Contact me to sign up or with any questions.

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